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Saturday, 23 June 2018
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Resource management techniques for wireless networks
60%, 2002-2003

In these last few years we have observed a strong both technological and commercial progression of systems (such as third generation mobile networks and local radio networks) enabling wireless access to different mobile terminals. The future success of these applications is not only due to the possibility of providing attractive services to final users but also to the efficiency of radio and network available resources use and management, to ensure the best benefit level both to the network administrators (economic revenue) and to the as major as possible number of users (quality of service). With respect to this, a lot interesting questions for research and applications are still open.

Resource management is a large-scale problem that occurs at different levels and that involves different aspects; it covers from systems physical level radio resources management, dealing with problems of resources allocation, admission control and transmissions scheduling, to service admission control, handover direction (between different cells in the same network or between heterogeneous networks) and pricing policies conduct. Among the important aspects to consider we can mention: the multimedia nature of the requested services, so with different demands for quality of service and network resources, the different problems and potentialities characterizing different transmission and multiple access techniques, the necessity of management and optimization algorithms with acceptable complexity (for instance, distributed techniques need a lower level of coordination and signaling), the important role of the economic aspect, concerning prices, operators "revenues and users" perceived satisfaction.

In this context, the proposed research activity faces the following topics: channels allocation methods and scheduling for wireless cellular systems with space division multiple access, due to the growing interest towards new opportunities and questions concerning the introduction on the system of smart antenna technologies; models and strategies for resources management based on economic considerations and game theory, to search for innovative approaches of resource management able to put in touch user's satisfaction, associated to the quality of the communication service, with the administrator\u2019s requirement, associated to the optimization of network use.

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