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Saturday, 23 June 2018
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DepAuDE is a 22 person-year and 2.5 MEUR budget project, whereof 1.6 MEUR come from EU. The project runs from January 1, 2001 until March 31, 2003. DepAuDE overall goal is to develop a methodology and an architecture to improve dependability for non-safety critical, distributed, embedded automation systems with both IP (inter-site) and dedicated (intra-site) connections. 

The project goals are: survey and evaluation of the market of currently available solutions to increase dependability of embedded distributed applications in dynamic environments and as a result, specification of methods for the target application domains; identify dependable system architecture: situation-specific fault tolerant strategies and middleware, design of intra-site mechanisms (client-to-backbone interface, translator), design of inter-site mechanisms (gateway, UML specification); implementation of Basic Services Layer and first tests. Dependability methodology to derive specification and validation of dependability requirements and to use the results of modeling as a guidance: formal techniques to support specification, implementation and validation; modeling and predictive evaluation. Prototypes of the developed FT mechanisms as well as their integration in two industrial target applications to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed approaches to increase the withstand to changing environment.

Our contribution regards study and implementation of a soft quality of service support able to give fault tolerant communication over the common Internet. Such a result has been obtained with redundant transmissions of the same packet on different, preferable disjoint, routing paths. The investigation on the network traffic shows tradeoff between number of used paths, end-to-end delay and perceived quality of service. The system is based on the source routing options. The implementation works both on IP version 4 and 6. The disjoint paths have been obtained by creating, in each gateway, the map of the Internet, by using simil traceroute approach. The map accuracy decreases with the distance from the gateway, but a communication protocol aimed at the map exchange integrated with a merge algorithm allows to obtain the necessary informations to design the disjoint paths. Further contribution regards the implementation of a cryptography system based on chaotic functions.
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