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Saturday, 23 June 2018
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Multimedia Ubiquitous Services for Technological Innovation and Telematics - SUMMIT
RER, 2004-2006

SUMMIT, is a research industrial project financed by RER since December 2004, throughout 2 years. The partners are CNIT, UniBo, Cineca, Digicittà , IOR and CNR join this project and Coop Adriatica, Microsoft s.r.l., IBM Italia s.p.a., HP Italia s.r.l., Silicon Graphics s.p.a, Nextend.net s.r.l. and Acantho have shown interest.

Through research and development activities, the project aims at creating a common platform for multimedia ubiquitous applications, used in different environments and presenting diversified purposes. Multimedia information flows consist of highly integrated video(2D), audio, 3D, data packets. Multimedia information exchange requires adequate and suitable networks which can offer high performance (i.e. in terms of available bandwidth), robust transport protocols, qualified software and smart applications. The SUMMIT project is based on the implementation of a common platform composed by several parts (HW, SW and network) that let multimedia applications run in different contexts (commercial or medical fields, e-government, e-learning and so on).

SUMMIT activities are divided into 4 main parts: common platform project and implementation; development of a mobile demonstrator used in a commercial environment with the target of product managing, indoor auto-locating and interacting with customers of trading centres or department stores; biomedical mobile demonstrator for medical multimedia data exchange; project and implementation of applications and services which help labs located in different areas of the Emilia Romagna region, to communicate and share data, instruments, and information used by R&D activities (developing, designing, and testing new products).

UniFe is dealing with different aspects of SUMMIT project: contribution to the study and analysis of the distributed labs(networks) architecture, and possible mechanisms for resources reservation; implementation of libraries for multimedia data exchange, analysis of useful coding techniques and eventual modification of the coding procedures for used terminals (i.e. PDA, mobile or fixed workstations); implementation of an interface (API) between the end user and the core of the common multimedia ubiquitous platform.
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